Language Learning Story Box – One Third Stories

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Each letter comes with reply stationery, stickers, a colouring activity, and the occasional surprise, and the first package also includes a map of the world so your child can mark off every location that Banjo visits using a special pawprint sticker.

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What’s inside? Technically, this isn’t a box but a personalised letter from Banjo Robinson, a globe-trotting cat who writes to your child twice a month from a different geographical location each time. The letters can be personalised with details about your child’s life, such as where they live and the name of their pet. The aim is that, after reading their letter from Banjo, your child will want to write back. They then pop their letter into the enclosed envelope, add a special stamp (provided), slide it under the sofa and wait for it to be collected by Cat Mail (AKA Parent Mail!) overnight.